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Editions BIM


Turrin 3 Episodes Trumpet/Piano

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I wrote “Three Episodes” for a recording project with Phil Smith and I were doing for the International Trumpet Guild in 2001. Although I never gave the individual movements any titles - the first movement is basically a fanfare build on a series of pyramids in the piano along with declamatory trumpet writing. The second movement is very much like a lullaby, played on either the flugelhorn or trumpet. This is a song like piece with a middle section juxtaposing trumpet cadenzas with soft clusters in the piano. The third movement is basically a march with several contrasting sections._x000B_The intent of this CD project was to give a good example of pieces that a fairly competent trumpet student could find playable andinteresting
Joseph Turrin, Nov. 2010, Clifton, USA

Category: Brass

Sub Category 1: Repertoire

Sub Category 2: Solos

Composer: Joseph Turrin

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Editions BIM

UPC: TP255

Instrument: Trumpet

Accompaniment: Piano

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