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Toca 3/2 Clave Block Hand Percussion Sound Effect

Toca 3/2 Clave Block Hand Percussion Sound Effect

Toca's 3/2 Yellow Clave Block is a combination of many influences. It gets it's name from the "3/2 clave" that's a fundamental rhythm in Afro-Cuban music. It gets its shape from that of highly resonant Asian temple blocks. And it gets its very existence from the need of contemporary drummers and percussionists for a melodic block that can project through high-volume music, withstand the impact of hard playing, and fit virtually anywhere.

With its high-volume projection, eye-catching yellow color, and ultra-flexible positioning capability, the Toca 3/2 Block is ideal for drummers, percussionists, and marching bands. The durability of its high-tech composite body makes this a great product accessory that will last for years to come.