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  • Teenage Engineering PO-30 Metal Series Super Set Synthesizers Teenage Engineering
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Teenage Engineering PO-30 Metal Series Super Set

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Teenage Engineering PO-30 Metal Series Super Set, Pocket Operator Synthesizer Set, with PO-32 Tonic, PO-33 KO, PO-35 Speak, 3 Cases, and 3 Sync Cables.

Pocket-sized Synths with Huge Creative Potential

Whether you're playing around, performing, or producing in your studio, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are highly rewarding. This PO-30 Metal Series Super Set includes three sweet Pocket Operators — the PO-32 Tonic drum synth and sequencer, the PO-33 KO sampler and sequencer, and the PO-35 voice synth and sequencer. Each is a powerful musical tool on its own, and by syncing with the includes MC-3 sync cables, they'll join forces to be an ultra-compact music creation system. The PO-30 Metal Series Super Set also includes three CA-X cases to help protect your Pocket Operators.

PO-32 Tonic Drum and Percussion Synth

The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-32 Tonic is one of the most compact and portable drum and percussion synthesizers ever. With a 16-step sequencer and support for parameter locks and punch-in effects, you can create complex grooves anywhere and anytime. The 16 preset sounds are huge and punchy, and you can use the Sonic Charge Microtonic plug-in (sold separately) to create your own sounds and transfer them to the PO-32.

PO-33 KO Sampler and Sequencer

The PO-33 KO features a built-in recording microphone and up to 40 seconds of sampling across eight melodic sample slots (for playing sounds chromatically) and eight drum slots (for playing sounds as one-shots). Complete with a 16-step sequencer and 16 patterns, the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-33 KO offers creative fun whether you're just passing time or actively producing music.

PO-35 Speak Vocal Synth and Sequencer

The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-35 Speak vocal synthesizer makes it fun and easy to create wild vocal effects, and its high-fidelity sound quality ensures they're ready to add to your productions. Use the built-in mic to capture your voice, then apply any of eight voice characters plus eight vocal effects. Play your samples melodically, or sequence them with the built-in sequencer (complete with step multiplier and parameter lock capability).

Teenage Engineering PO-30 Metal Series Super Set Features:

  • 3 ultra-compact and portable synths, with protective cases and sync cables included
  • PO-32 Tonic drum and percussion synthesizer features 16-step sequencer with parameter locks, punch-in effects, and step multiplier
  • PO-33 KO sampler module with up to 40 seconds sampling time and built-in mic
  • PO-35 Speak vocal synthesizer and effects processor module with up to 120 seconds sampling time
  • 3 CA-X silicone cases for protection
  • Also includes 3 sync cables for synchronizing your Pocket Operators
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