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Bote & Bock

Svoboda Cartesian Rainbow Study No 5 Percussion

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5 pieces of wood tuned within a fourth (400¢) played with wooden hammers or thick wooden sticks - 1 piece of wood to saw into - 1 saw - 1 piece of wood to hammer into (could be the same one for the saw) - 1 hammer - 1 large nail - 1 pail of water - 1 container (tub, shallow cardboard box, i.e.) of gravel large enough to walk in place in - The five pieces of wood could be logs, pieces of lumber, sticks, wood blocks, xylophone or marimba bars, etc. The upper and lower piece of wood shouldbe tuned 400¢ apart with the three other pieces distributed freely in between. The gravel should be of a light grade, so that the sound of walking in it is fairly continuous and somewhat uniform.

Category: Percussion

Sub Category 1: Repertoire

Sub Category 2: Solos

Composer: Mike Svoboda

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Bote & Bock

ISBN13: 9783793142690

Instrument: Percussion