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Anglo Music Press

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Super Duets 15 Progressive Duets Trombone Tc

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Philip Sparke's Super Duets is the third volume of a progressive series of duet books that takes the young wind player from beginner to accomplished musician. Following on from the first books in the series (Starter Duets, Skilful Duets) this collection contains longer pieces that are suitable for the more advanced player. Specifically tailored for each instrument, Super Duets takes the player into new keys, with new technical and musical challenges, and contains pieces suitable for concert or recital. The series provides invaluable additional material to complement any teaching method.

Category: Brass

Sub Category 1: Ensembles

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Composer: Philip Sparke

Format: Trombone Duet

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Anglo Music Press

ISBN13: 9790570293322

UPC: 9789043141871

Instrument: Euphonium|Trombone

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