Spring Night From Liederkreis Op 39 Piano Arr Liszt

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Robert Schumann's Fruhlingsnacht ("Above the Garden, Through the Skies") was one of his most popular songs as early as the 19th century. Franz Liszt created a pianist's work on that, which grows into a veritable concert piece in barely 70 bars - and places high demands on the stamina of the pianist, above all in the triplet chords. However, the dissemination did not detract from this: the first edition, published in 1872, was published several times during Liszt's lifetime, and in 1895 there was even a new one. In its rich playing technical name, with several Ossias and the imprint of the poem text above the piano set Liszt's treatment then and now makes the highest demands on the score, to which the Henle urtext edition is pleased.

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