Sight Reading & Rhythm Every Day Bk 3B

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This series is designed to help students achieve an impeccable sense of rhythm which is the first step in successful sight reading, as well as develop their skills with key recognition, time signature recognition, pattern identification, interval recognition, and immediate response to articulation and dynamics. In Book 3B of this distinctive series, new concepts carefully interweave with reviewed concepts to further the students’ knowledge and hone their sight-reading abilities. Some of the conceptsreviewed are: rhythms that include dotted quarter notes followed by eig hth notes, crossovers of the second finger over the thumb extending the five finger pattern, and a review of tonic and dominant chords to name afew. New concepts are introduced, such as how to count triplets, play a nd recognize Sus4 (suspended fourth) chords, play and recognize authentic cadences, and expanding knowledge of intervals to include M2, m2, M3, m3, P4, and P5. Students will also play in the keys of B flat major and B minor.

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