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Rode SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount

Rode SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount, Rycote Lyre Shockmount for RODE Microphones with Camera Shoe Adapter.

A Must-have for Field Recording

Easily and securely attach a microphone to your camera with the RODE SM3-R camera shoe shockmount. Handling noise won't become a problem, thanks to the SM3-R's dual Rycote Lyre shockmounts. This shockmount's camera shoe adapter suits a wide range of RODE on-camera microphones. An integrated cable management clip is also included. At Industrie Music, we appreciate the sonic isolation provided by the RODE SM3-R camera shoe shockmount.

What's ashockmount, and what can it do for me?

A shockmount mechanically isolates your microphone so it rejects vibrations transmitted through your mic stand or boom. This attenuates noise and shock, cleaning up your recordings and protecting your mic from damage. The most common shockmount design employs a system of elastic bands to suspend the mic away from its stand, which the SM3-R does in a stylish and functional manner. A quality shockmount such as the RODE SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount is necessary for pro-caliber studio recordings.

Compatible with These RODE Microphones:

  • NT5 compact cardioid condenser
  • NT55 compact multi-pattern condenser
  • NTG1 shotgun
  • NTG2 multi-powered shotgun
  • NTG3 RG-bias shotgun
  • M5 compact condenser
  • NTG4 directional condenser
  • NTG4+ directional condenser with built-in battery

RODE SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount Features:

  • Dual Rycote Lyre shockmounts reduce unwanted vibrations and handling noise
  • Camera shoe adapter suits a wide range of RODE on-camera microphones
  • Includes an integrated cable management clip