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Reason 5 Dvd Beginner Intermediate Level

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With the sophisticated integration of drum machines, samplers, soft synths, and mixer and effects modules in one virtual rack, Reason 5 provideseverything you need to easily and quickly generate music from your idea s. Now, Propellerhead has raised the bar in Reason 5 with the addition of a brand new synth, the Kong Drum Designer, as well as updates to several of the on-board synths!

In this DVD, Andrew Eisele first takesyou on a tour of Reason 5's interface including the dropdown menus, the Transport, and the Tool palette. Next, he introduces the on-board synth s. Then, he covers the fundamentals of sequencing and how to record and edit using MIDI. Harnessing the power of all of Reason's on-board synths, Andrew will show you how to build up amazing tracks. You'll create realistic sounding drum parts, add bass loops, work with the Arpeggiator, and learn how to maximize your workflow within the program. In the mixingsegment, you'll explore Reason's powerful Combinators, including the fa ntastic MClass mastering suite combo. You'll learn how to add EQ, compression, insert effects, and automate effects. Along the way, Andrew will show you many tips and techniques that will put you well on your way to becoming a power-user of the software! 3 hours, 20 min.

Category: Reference

Sub Category 1: Audio Technology

Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs

Medium: DVD

Publisher: Hal Leonard

ISBN13: 9781617740756

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