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Brass Wind Publications


Proctor Tuber Music Tuba/Piano Tc

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The pieces all take their titles from various root vegetables, such as 'Oca', a playful divertimento in 7/8, 6/8 and 2/4, the laid-back ballad 'Blue Potato' and the self-explanatory 'Swing That Yam'. The pick of the crop is 'Ulloco', a rumbustious galop full of penetrating accents and cascading semiquavers. Proctor has obviously done his homework, as the tuba writing is highly inventive but also idiomatic. This excellent work manages to be challenging for the player, yet accessible and entertaining for the listener.

Category: Brass

Sub Category 1: Repertoire

Sub Category 2: Solos

Level: Medium - Slightly Difficult

Composer: Simon Proctor

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Brass Wind Publications

ISBN13: 9790570273126

Instrument: EEb Tuba|Tuba

Accompaniment: Piano

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