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Heritage Music Press

Percussion Parade Gr K 5 Reproducible Book/Olm

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Welcome to the wonderful world of non-pitched percussion! These instruments are affordable and accessible, students love them, and they are so good at introducing and reinforcing important concepts like beat competency, timbre, tempo, and dynamics. Artie Almeida applies her signature style to non-pitched percussion, making every lesson in this book both rigorous and joyful. Bring the parade to your classroom, and take advantage of tons of great new teaching ideas along with beautiful visual aids, helpful videos, and step-by-step instructions that make every lesson successful.

Category: Classroom

Sub Category 1: Classroom Resources

Sub Category 2: Teacher Resources

Author: Artie Almeida

Format: Teacher Edition (with reproducible activity pages)

Medium: Sftcvr/Online Media

Publisher: Heritage Music Press

ISBN13: 9780787758509

Accompaniment: Online Media

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