Pedaltrain Volto 3 Analog 9-volt Rechargeable Power Supply

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Pedaltrain Volto 3 Analog 9-volt Rechargeable Power Supply, Rechargeable Pedalboard Power Supply with 6,200 mAh Battery, Battery Health Programming, and Triple-reinforced USB Housing.

More Power. More Recharges. More Durable.

Pedaltrain’s Volto 3 bests its forerunner in almost every way with increased power, more recharges, and improved durability. Experience a 25% longer charge life, by virtue of its 6,200 mAh battery. Benefit from double the lifetime recharges, with new Battery Health programming to safeguard against overcharging. Enjoy extreme durability, thanks to its rugged green shell and triple-reinforced USB housing. Volto 3 packs a lot of juice for its size — this smartphone-sized power supply can light up an almost endless array of analog 9-volt stompboxes. Volto 3 is an amazing little green machine!

More power

If you’ve got a board full of analog 9-volt stompboxes, Volto 3’s 6,200 mAh battery will make short work of them. And it’ll keep on going forever — up to 25% longer than previous versions. Of course, battery life will vary based on the total current draw of your pedals (more pedals equals faster discharge).

More recharges

Pedals chew through 9-volt batteries, which are expensive, unreliable, and bad for the environment. Pedaltrain’s Volto 3 is the solution. It’s engineered for a lifetime of recharges — double that of its predecessor — replacing thousands of batteries. And you don’t need to worry about overcharging, thanks to its revolutionary Battery Health programming.

More durable

Volto 3 is built to take a licking. Not only is its rugged green shell designed to withstand abuse, its triple-reinforced USB housing (one of our favorite new features here at Industrie Music) enables you to plug, unplug, and repeat without fear of damaging the unit.

Pedaltrain Volto 3 Features:

  • 6,200 mAh battery supplies 25% longer charge life than earlier versions
  • Double the lifetime charges as its predecessor
  • Battery Health programming safeguards against overcharging
  • Rugged green shell provides exceptional durability
  • Triple-reinforced USB housing can withstand repeated connections and disconnections
  • Convenient smartphone-sized chassis
  • Includes 2 3-position daisy chains, 2 single-end straight cables, an AC charger with international plug adapters, and 2 hook-and-loop strips

Tech Specs

  • Type: Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery
  • Inputs: 5V DC 1A USB
  • Outputs: 9V DC
  • Maximum Output Current: 2000mA (max), rated 6200 mAh
  • Height: 0.75"
  • Width: 3.3"
  • Depth: 4.7"
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PT-VT-3

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