Pedaltrain Classic 2 TC 24"x 12.5" Pedalboard with Tour Case

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Pedaltrain Classic 2 TC 24"x12.5" Pedalboard with Tour Case, Aluminum Alloy Pedalboard with Professional-grade Tour Case.

Stomp Your Way to the Top!

Based on Pedaltrain's popular PT-2 pedalboard, the Classic 2 takes that time-tested design and makes it even better! First of all, you can stop trying to stuff your cables through those tiny portholes - the Classic 2's open-front design makes mounting your power supplies child's play. On top of that, Pedaltrain has increased the Classic 2's elevation by an entire inch, so it can accommodate just about any power supply or switching system that you may have in your rig. The guitarists here at Industrie Music have relied on Pedaltrain's rugged aircraft-grade aluminum alloy pedalboards for more than a decade. Grab yourself a Classic 2 and see why!

Pedaltrain Classic 2 Pedalboard at a Glance:

  • Set up your pedals any way you want
  • Includes plenty of adhesive for immediate use
  • Rugged construction for worry-free traveling

Set up your pedals any way you want

With the Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedalboard, you can layout your effects any way you want. This pedalboard features an open frame that's elevated and angled, giving you added flexibility when you're configuring the layout of your effects, and makes for fast and efficient setup and rearrangement. You can actually connect your cables neatly on the board by routing them over, under, and even through the slots in the top surface area - this way, they're not exposed on the top of the pedal board, and you don't have to worry about accidentally disconnecting them with an ill-placed stomp when you're mid-solo!

Includes plenty of adhesive for immediate use

The Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedalboard comes with tons of industrial-grade, adhesive-backed, hook and loop material, as well as detailed instructions so you can setup your pedals quickly and efficiently, right out of the box.

Rugged construction for worry-free traveling

The Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedalboard is constructed of highly durable aluminum alloy, one of the strongest and lightest metals on the planet. With no moving parts to loosen or wear out, you can rely on this Pedaltrain to protect your pedals - plus, it comes with a tour-grade flight case that's rock-solid to further protect your valuable effects arsenal.

Pedaltrain Classic 2 Pedalboard Features:

  • Original 4-rail design and traditional rail spacing
  • Open-front design makes power supply mounting flexible and convenient
  • Increased elevation clears a wide variety of power supplies and switching systems
  • Pedaltrain's signature featherweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Includes 96" adhesive-backed hook-and-loop pedal fastener and zip ties for securing cables
  • Includes tour-grade flight case

Stomp your way to the top with the Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedalboard!

Tech Specs

  • Length: 24"
  • Depth: 12.5"
  • Height: 3.5"
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs.
  • Powered: No
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PT-CL2-TC

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