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Peavey RBN 112 1500W 12 inch Powered Speaker


PeaveyRBN 112 1500W 12 inch Powered Speaker,1500W Powered Speaker Enclosure with 12" Scorpion Neodymium Driver, 120mm Ribbon Tweeter, 9-band EQ, Onboard DSP, 2 Combo Inputs, and 2 XLR Outputs.

Powerful PA Enclosure with a Ribbon Tweeter

Peavey has created a durable ribbon-tweeter PA speaker for high-powered live use and permanent installs in its RBN 112 powered speaker enclosure. This system delivers a smooth top end to your audience with exceptional transient detail for crisp, clean vocals and soaring guitar leads. A 12" Scorpion neodymium driver paired with a super-efficient bi-amplified 1500-watt power amp gives both components the power they need to create an immersive atmosphere for your listeners. Plug in mics and line signals and mix directly, or drive the RBN 112 with a mixing board. Whatever your preference, the RBN 112 makes a positively potent speaker solution with flattering high-end detail for venues, outdoor events, and places of worship.

Peavey RBN 112 Two-way Powered Speaker Enclosure at a Glance:

  • World-class ribbon tweeter reproduces smooth high-end detail
  • Huge sound from a travel-friendly speaker size
  • Onboard EQ, DSP crossover, and limiting is the complete package

World-class ribbon tweeter reproduces smooth high-end detail

Recording studios have relied on monitors with ribbon tweeters for decades. Many believe this technology provides a smoother response and better detail than compression drivers for the type of accuracy recording engineers and audiophiles demand. The world-class ribbon tweeter in the RBN 112 is made durable enough to handle the high SPLs this system produces for smooth, clean high-end dispersion that's easy on your audience's ears.

Huge sound from a travel-friendly speaker size

Peavey has always pushed the envelope concerning wattage-to-size ratios, from its thunderous bass amp heads to its powerful loudspeakers. The RBN 112 takes up the mantle by pairing a super-efficient 1500-watt power amp with a dual-voice-coil 12" neodymium speaker for excellent coverage at live music, theater, and speaking events.

Onboard EQ, DSP crossover, and limiting is the complete package

Whether you're planning to mix on a board or plug straight in, the Peavey RBN 112 has some nice features on deck. An onboard 9-band EQ with program presets is a great starting point for artists who want to get a good sound quickly. Likewise, onboard DSP lets you choose to use the loudspeaker with or without a subwoofer with simple LCD commands. Two combo inputs with mic/line switches let you plug in your microphones, acoustic guitar, or keyboard directly, while digital limiting keeps hot line-level PA signals and audio from the 3.5mm aux jack from damaging your components.

Peavey RBN 112 Two-way Powered Speaker Enclosure Features:

  • Great for venues, outdoor events, public communicators, and houses of worship
  • Accepts microphone and instrument inputs for plug-and-play setups
  • Accepts line-level signals for premixing from a board
  • 120mm (4.8") ribbon tweeter reproduces high-end detail with audiophile quality
  • 12" Scorpion neodymium driver has dual voice coils for better output
  • 1500 watts bi-amplified for a powerful, immersive listening experience
  • Setup Wizard makes installs a breeze
  • Onboard EQ presets for quick tone tailoring
  • DSP makes it easy to integrate the RBN 112 with a subwoofer and other speakers
  • 2 combo XLR and 1/4" inputs plus a 3.5mm Aux In
  • XLR thru output for multi-speaker setups, processed output for subs
  • Digital limiting prevents speaker damage

Step up to cleaner live sound with the Peavey RBN 112 powered speaker!

Tech Specs

  • Powered: Yes
  • Power Configuration: Bi-amped
  • LF Driver Size: 12" Neodymium Scorpion woofer with dual voice coil
  • HF Driver Size: 120mm Ribbon high frequency driver
  • LF Driver Power Amp: 1000W
  • HF Driver Power Amp: 500W
  • Total Power: 1500W peak
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4" combo (Mic/Line), 1 x 1/8" (aux in)
  • Outputs: 1 x XLR (thru), 1 x XLR (sub out)
  • Frequency Response: 59Hz-20kHz
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle: 110 Degrees
  • Vertical Coverage Angle: 30 Degrees
  • Signal Processing: 9-band EQ, Delay, Compression/limiting
  • Enclosure Material: Molded Plastic
  • Mounting Options: Pole Mount with 1.41" socket, Floor Wedge, Multiple M6 Fly Points
  • Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height: 24"
  • Width: 14.07"
  • Depth: 14.07"
  • Weight: 39 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: