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On Stage


On-Stage Stands MA-300 Mic Screw Adapter

On-Stage StandsMA-300 Mic Screw Adapter, Adapter to Connect 5/8" (USA Standard) Microphone Stand Attachments to a 3/8" (Euro Standard) Microphone Stand

Use Your 3/8" Mic Stand with 5/8" Attachments

The On-Stage Stands MA200 microphone stand adapter lets you attach 5/8" (USA standard) mic clips and boom arms to your 3/8" (European standard) threaded mic stand. No more mis-matched stands and accessories with the On-Stage Stands MA300 microphone clip adapter!

On-Stage Stands MA300 Microphone Stand Adapter Features:

  • Allows you to use 5/8" threaded mic stand attachments and mic clips with 3/8" threaded mic stands
  • Durable metal construction
  • Must-have for live sound engineers

Be ready for the unexpected with the On-Stage Stands MA300 microphone stand adapter!