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On-Stage Stands MSA9508 Posi-Lok Side Mount Boom


On-Stage Stands MSA9508 Posi-Lok Side Mount Boom, 7" Adjustable Side-mount Mic Boom.

Side Mount Boom for Versatile Instrument Miking Options

Count on Industrie Music to have the stand you need! Whether it's a mic stand, keyboard stand, guitar stand, or accessory, Industrie Music is your source for quality stands at reasonable prices.

Side Mount Boom
A must-have for instrument miking! The adjustable side mount boom grips to any round shaft, so you can use a standard mic stand as a base to mic multiple instruments such as a hi-hat and snare, or toms and kick drum. Plus, you can mic top and bottom of a guitar amp stack and more.

Side Mount Boom Features:
  • 52-teeth design for mic-angle flexibility
  • Compact size and locking support at any angle
  • 7" long