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On-Stage Stands MS7920B Bass Drum / Boom Combo Mic Stand


On-Stage Stands MS7920B Bass Drum / Boom Combo Mic Stand, Short Boom Mic Stand for Stage, Studio, and Desktop!

The On-Stage Stands MS7920B desk mic stand with boom works great for miking kick drums, guitar amplifiers, and other low-height sound sources, in addition to giving you very flexible desktop mic placement options. Great for everything from live and studio instrument miking to vocal podcast and recording applications, the MS7920B features a compact weighted U-shaped base, 8"-14" height adjustability, and a 16" boom arm. The MS7920B is also easy to wiggle into tight spaces (under-snare mic, anyone?). Put your microphone exactly where you need it to be with the On-Stage Stands MS7920B mic stand!

Small, stable, and agile mic stand

Often times you want to place a microphone on something that's not so easy to get to. That's why desk mic stands are handy little devices to have around - especially when they have a boom arm! Say you want to add a second snare mic under the drum to capture the crack of the snares. With the On-Stage Stands MS7920B, you'll always be able to place that mic right where you want it. (Don't forget to flip the phase on your board!) On-Stage Stands MS7920B - every studio and stage kit needs one!

On-Stage Stands MS7920B Desk Boom Mic Stand Features at a Glance:
  • 8"-14" of height adjustment
  • 16" boom length
  • Compact D-shaped weighted base
  • Clutch and T-bar adjustment points
  • Black finish
The On-Stage Stands MS7920B is an essential stage, studio, and desktop mic stand!