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Oliver Blondel Vocal Selection(Msc)


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Set in England during the 1180s, this light-hearted, rock-orientated music tells the story of Blondel, troubadour at the court of Richard the Lionheart. Richard leaves for the Crusades and, in his absence, Prince John tries to usurp the throne. Blondel leaves England in search of Richard, and rescues him from his imprisonment by the Duke of Austria. meanwhile, at home in England, John ahs declared Richard dead. Richard, Blondel and his long-suffering partner Fiona return just in time to prevent the coronation. Richard is restored to the throne, and Blondel, his faithful troubadour, is pronounced the country’s foremost composer.

Category: Songbooks

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Novello

UPC: ZNOV170319

Instrument: Guitar|Piano|Vocal