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MusicNomad The Nomad Tool Set


MusicNomad The Nomad Tool SetEquipment Cleaning Tool Set with Microfiber Pad and Brush.

Versatile Cleaning Tools from MusicNomad

Get the Nomad Tool Set from MusicNomad and keep a wide range of gear clean and in top-notch working order. This set includes the original Nomad Tool and the Nomad Slim. The Nomad Tool is a super-soft, 100% lint-free microfiber pad and natural fiber brush that is ideal for cleaning your guitar strings, removing fingerprints from pianos and guitars, or even cleaning off a dusty computer screen. The brush features all-natural, nonabrasive bristles for cleaning around your pickups, between your piano keys, and around the knobs and inputs on your amp and rack gear. The Nomad Slim is a toothbrush-style tool that is great for reaching those hard-to-clean areas such as pickups and the spaces between them, floating bridges, floating pickguards, tuning pegs, and more. Many of us here at Industrie Music have become big fans of this versatile cleaning tool set!

MusicNomad Original Nomad Tool and Nomad Slim Tool Set Features:

  • Two multiuse all-in-one cleaning tools
  • Removes dirt and oil from strings, prolonging life and preserving tone
  • Cleans dust off piano keys and MIDI controller pads, protecting velocity sensors
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Super-soft natural brush fibers won't scratch delicate finishes