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MusicNomad Acousti-Lok Strap Lock Adapter for Metric Output Jacks


MusicNomad Acousti-Lok Strap Lock Adapter for Metric Output Jacks Acoustic Guitar Endpin Jack Strap Lock Adapter - M9 x .75 Metric Thread

Screw-on Endpin Schaller Strap Lock Adapter

Now you can get strap-lock security from your gigging acoustic-electric, without drilling into or seriously modding your instrument, with the Music Nomad Acousti-Lok. This strap lock adapter screws directly onto the threads of your existing endpin output jack to accept any Schaller S-Lock- or strap lock-equipped guitar strap. Add a standard strap lock in place of your upper bout strap button, and with the Acousti-Lok from Industrie Music, you're as good as golden! The Acousti-Lok is a solid piece of machined black brass to provide the security your acoustic deserves. And with multiple options to accommodate the majority of acoustic guitars on the market, the Music Nomad Acousti-Lok guarantees the right fit for your instrument. Not compatible with recessed or flush mount jacks.

Music Nomad MN271 Acousti-Lok Strap Lock Adapter Features:

  • Endpin strap lock adapter for your acoustic-electric
  • For Schaller strap locks and S-Locks
  • No drilling or modding required
  • Screws directly onto your endpin threads
  • Made from a solid piece of black brass
  • Fits all M9 x .75 metric thread jacks
  • Compatible with LR Baggs output jacks

Tech Specs

  • Type: Strap Lock Adapter
  • Size: M9 Metric thread
  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MN271