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Music Nomad


Music Nomad MN105 F-ONE Fretboard Oil Cleaner and Conditioner

Music Nomad MN105 F-ONE Fretboard Oil Cleaner and Conditioner - 60ml, Cleaner and Conditioner for Unfinished Maple, Rosewood and Ebony Fretboards.

Clean and Condition Your Fretboard

Recondition your guitar's fretboard and bring it back to life with MusicNomad's F-One Oil. It's a special recipe of tree and seed oils that moisturize your guitar's fretboard, restoring it to its optimum moisture content. When your guitar's fretboard starts looking old and faded, that's a sign that it's drying out. Guitarists at Industrie Music know that when it comes to maintaining your instrument, a properly conditioned fretboard is just as important as keeping your guitar at the proper humidity level. Get it done fast and easy with the MusicNomad F-One Oil.

MusicNomad F-One Oil Fretboard Cleaner/Conditioner Features at a Glance:

  • Cleans and conditions your fretboard
  • Safe for unfinished maple, rosewood, and ebony fretboards
  • Made from 100% natural tree and seed oils
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries fast

Clean and restore your fretboard with MusicNomad's F-One Oil!

Customer Reviews

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F-ONE Fretboard Cleaner & Conditioner

Great product. Really rejuvenated my Rosewood fretboards. All-natural and made from refined tree and seed oils.