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MIDI Solutions Relay MIDI Event-Controlled Relay


MIDI Solutions Relay MIDI Event-Controlled RelayMIDI Relay Switch with 1 x MIDI Input, 1 x MIDI Through, and 1 x 1/4" Relay Output.

Use MIDI to Control Your Non-MIDI Gear

The MIDI Solutions Relay is a fast, easy, and low-tech way to trigger non-MIDI devices via MIDI. Just plug the MIDI output of your keyboard, foot controller, or whatever MIDI-driven gear you're running into the Relay's input. After a little set up you can trigger non-MIDI devices from your MIDI controller. Change amp channels, turn on and off effects units, and more. Any device that you can trigger via a 1/4" input can be triggered with the Relay. And since it's even powered by MIDI, you don't have to lug around batteries or a power supply to use your MIDI Solutions Relay.

MIDI Solutions Relay Features:

  • The perfect way to control non-MIDI gear with MIDI messages
  • 1 x MIDI in port, 1 x MIDI thru port, 1 x 1/4" relay
  • An easy and affordable solution to your MIDI relay issues
  • MIDI-powered operation means you don't have to fuss with batteries or power supplies
  • MIDI indicator LED provides visual feedback of data throughput
  • Built from rugged metal to withstand serious live use

Expand your rig with a MIDI Solutions Relay from Industrie Music!