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Wadih Hanna


Made In Australia: My Maton Collection

Made In Australia: My Maton Collection,“…solid reference book for collectors and dream book for players… can’t ask for better than that.” Vintage Guitar Magazine June 18.

A Maton book featuring the best collection of vintage Maton guitars on the planet.

A guitar collector’s journey covering instruments by Australian guitar maker Maton, representing every vintage and collectable model made.

Large format, hard cover, full colour photography, historic notes and design information, detailing the unique and versatile instruments to come out of the workshops of this home grown icon.

From the first guitars made in 1946 to the first guitar that rolled off the current
production line at Box Hill in 2003, and onwards to the present.

A Maton book that is the only place you will see a Bindarra bass alongside a style 4 ukulele.

The Maton book contains numerous custom, prototype and employee guitars, plus many serial number one examples, including the sensational GA.1 that pre-dates factory ledgers.

Rare instruments like the first electric, the only Big Ben guitar in existence
and an El Toro like nothing else, with comprehensive sections on the Fyrbyrd, the
Master sound and the Holy Grail of Maton guitars, the Starline.

The first reference Maton book of its type ever written; it is a must have for collectors, those who own a Maton and anyone with an affinity for vintage guitars.

A Maton book that is destined to become the number one resource for dealers and collectors alike.

Made in Australia is exactly that. A book on Australian guitars, meticulously collected over many years, published by an Australian and printed in Australia.

Medium: Hardcover with dust jacket
Size: 325 x 260  
Pages:    400

No guitar lover — especially Australian-made guitars - will be able to resist this, the story of one man’s obsession with all things Maton.’ Jeff Apter, author of High Voltage: The Life of Angus Young.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Stunning book about Maton guitars. An absolute must-have for any Maton lover.

This book by Wadih Hanna is a stunning overview of Maton guitars, basses, amps and more. An absolute must-have for any Maton lover! Not cheap, esp. if you buy it outside of Australia, but it is worth every cent. What a pleasure to read this and watch all the beautiful photos. So much information about all the gorgeous Maton models ever released. And great graphic design by Maton lover Tony Giacca. Thank you so much for all this beautiful work, Wadih!


I have had an interest in guitars for the last twenty years and definitely the best guitar book I have come across. An outstanding collection of Australian made guitars presented in a high quality book


This is hands down the best guitar reference book you will find. As a collector I found it amazing that Wadih could dedicate so much time and effort to find and collect such an amazing array of Matons. Collecting is one thing but to devote what I assume would be a vast amount of time effort and money to the book is astounding.
I cant believe there are so many Maton models that I had never seen before and they are presented in great detail with model numbers, serial numbers, date ranges and specifications as well as historic data presented in an easy reading style..
This is a world class reference book.

Worth the Wait

What a fantastic book, so much information that all Maton supporters will luv.
An amazing line up of Maton history, great images and all instruments in such excellent condition. It’s so good to know people care about our Guitar heritage, well done Wadih Hanna, such dedication.
A solid hardback book, well “Worth the Wait” a book to keep.
Many thanks - Dennis

Hi! Thank you for the 5 Star Review.
Made in Australia.


Hi! Thank you for the 5 Star Review.