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Lauten Audio LA120PADPR LA-120 -10dB Attenuation Pads - Pair


Lauten Audio LA120PADPR LA-120 -10dB Attenuation Pads - Pair, -10dB Attenuation Pads Lauten Audio LA-120 Small-diaphragm Condenser Microphones - Pair.

Use Your LA-210s on Guitar Amps, Snare Drums, and Other Loud Sound Sources

Lauten Audio LA-120 Small-diaphragm condenser microphones are known for their detail and sonic clarity, which makes them a go-to choice for engineers for recording acoustic guitars, auxiliary percussion, orchestral stringed instruments, woodwinds, and more.

Now, with the Lauten Audio LA-120 -10dB attenuation pads, you can take advantage of the LA-120s’ crystal clear sound on extra loud sound sources.

Unlike the pads on an audio interface or mic preamp, the LA-120 -10dB pads attenuate the signal prior to the microphone circuit — not after it, eliminating potential distortion-causing circuit overloads.

Simply insert a pad between the LA-120’s removable capsule and its body and get ready to add extra depth and dimension to snare drums, cranked guitar amps, and blaring bass cabs. Get more out your LA-120s today with the Lauten Audio LA-120 -10dB pads.

Lauten Audio LA-120 -10dB Attenuation Pads Features:

  • One pair of -10dB attenuation pads for Lauten Audio LA-120 small-diaphragm condensers
  • Screws in between the LA-120's body and removable capsule
  • Pre-circuit attenuation provides cleaner sound than most pads found on mic preamps and audio interfaces
  • Enables your LA-120s to record extra loud sound sources, including snare drums, overdriven guitar amps, and bass cabinets