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KAT Percussion KT1 Electronic 8-Piece Drum Kit


The KAT KT1 features over 150 sounds with 10 user-programmable drum set configurations that emulate a wide range of musical styles - from rock to reggae, jazz to electronic.

KAT digital sounds and drum kit set-ups were all carefully created and engineered by professional drummers. This has resulted making a KAT Drum Set a more realistic and drummer-friendly experience than other kit in its price range. The KT1 comes with 40 play-along tracks that you can jam to and a metronome click-track with nine time signatures to help you lock in your groove.

With the KT1 kit, you'll be playing in no time. Just turn on the module, choose your settings and start playing.

• KT1 USB Control Module
• Hi-hat trigger pedal
• (1) 8" Single zone snare pad
• (3) 8" Single zone tom pads
• (1) 12" Ride cymbal
• (1) 10" Chokeable crash cymbal
• (1) 10" Hi-hat cymbal
• Shock absorption kick tower with 8" pad
• "Silent Strike" bass drum pedal beater

Brand KAT Percussion
Type Electronic Drum Sets
Snare 8" Single zone pad
Tom 1 / Tom 2 / Tom 3 8" Single zone pad
Crash 1 12" Single zone cymbal
Ride 10" Single zone cymbal with choke
Hi Hat 10" Single zone cymbal
Kick Drum 8" Single zone pad and a specially-engineered support structure that ensures the stability and familiar feel of a real bass drum
Kick Drum Beater Silent Strike bass drum pedal beater
Preset Drum Kits 10 preset/programmable kits
Drum Instruments Over 150 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion sounds
Sensitivity All sounds are velocity sensitive for natural dynamic response
Effects Adjustable on/off reverb
MIDI Built-in General MIDI sound library
Play-Along Tracks 40
Click Track Yes with 9 time signatures
Output Connectivity USB/MIDI output for use with computer software for recording and playback
Output Jacks Two 1/4" output jacks plug into a PA system or console for studio recording or live performances
Headphone Output 1/8" output jack for headphones or in-ear monitors for private playing
Input Connectivity The 1/8" audio input jack allows you to connect a CD player, MP3 player, iPhone or iPad so you can play along with your favorite tunes
Display LED Display
Power Supply Yes
Drum Rack Pre-assembled, non-slip rack with snare brace to secure snare positioning. Pre-labeled wire harness & velcro ties to keep cables neat and organized.
Unique Features Specially designed rubber 8" pads respond with a stick rebound that feels very natural. The height and angle of the crash and ride are adjustable.
Bass Drum 8" Single zone pad and a specially-engineered support structure that ensures the stability and familiar feel of a real bass drum
Kit Hardware Hi Hat Controller, Bass Drum Pedal with "Silent Strike" pedal beater, Drumsticks, Drumkey.

• Drum rack with mounting hardware (preset for quick setup)
• Multi-pin breakout audio cable snake for easy set up •
• (1) Pair of drumsticks
• Drum key
• 5 Grey Velcro ties
• Assembly instructions
• User manual