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Hal Leonard

Jazz Guitar Chords Book/Olv

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In any music style, there are essentials – scales, licks, chords, etc. Jazz Guitar Chords teaches you the must-know chords that will get you swinging in no time. You won't get bogged down with tons of details. Rather, you'll be armed with many chord shapes that have been used throughout jazz guitar history. The included video, that can be accessed online, demonstrates each chord and all the song examples are accompanied by a full band, so you can hear these chords in the proper context. Covers: seventh chords, 6 and 6/9 chords, extended chords, altered dominant chords, full song examples, and more. You don't need to learn how to read music to play jazz guitar. But you do need to know these chords!

Category: Guitar & Folk

Sub Category 1: Chords & Scales

Genre: Jazz

Medium: Sftcvr/Online Video

Publisher: Hal Leonard

ISBN13: 9781458400277

UPC: 884088565947

Instrument: Guitar

Accompaniment: Online Video

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