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Hohner Hoodoo Box 5W/Class A Tube Harmonica Amplifier

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The Hoodoo Box is a 5W, Class A, hand-wired tube amp combo designed especially for harmonica players.

Built from the ground up to produce the fat, distorted tones that are the cornerstone of the electric blues harp sound, it is equipped with a single EL84 power tube and a 12 AX7 plus 12 AU7 tube complement in the preamp stage. Its classic spring reverb will add drama and air to your performances while the Celestion Super 8 8" speaker is especially suited to reproduce the entire range of harp tones.

The XLR direct output can be used for recording or as a send to the front of house PA. The Tone control helps you dial in the right sound with a range that goes from Dark to Bright to Scooped, the latter setting giving you a flat-out, heavily distorted sound.

The Hoodoo Box will bring out the best in your harp technique as well as your mics. From growls and soulful wailing to dynamic virtuosity, the Hoodoo Box will bring these sounds and more to your harmonica playing. The roadworthy Hoodoo Box cabinet features classic styling with rugged Tolex covering, white piping, and special Hohner grille cosmetics.

Hand-wired 5W Class A amp designed specifically for harmonica
EL84 power tube 1
12AX3 preamp tube 1
12AU7 preamp tube
Celestion Super 8 - 8" speaker
Spring reverb
Gain, Tone, Volume, and Reverb knobs
Roadworthy cabinet covered in Tolex
Distinctive retro cosmetics.