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Hochweber Waltz Dreams For Guitar

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What role does the waltz play in guitar music? At the time of the great waltz boom, the guitar was in an era of no return. There are small waltzes by J. Meissonier and M. Carcassi, but they are not yet quite typical of the species. JK Mertz, who wrote some waltzes and mazurks, should be mentioned for the romantic period. In the 20th century we knew Antonio Lauro with his famous and often played "Valses Venezolanos". However, they place high demands on the guitarists and are therefore not accessible to most amateur players.
These 7 waltzes are also intended to open up the waltz world to less experienced guitarists. Therefore, all bar handles and extensions have been avoided and it is largely limited to the first layer.
And now we can start: mm ta ta, mm ta ta ...

Category: Guitar & Folk

Sub Category 1: Repertoire

Sub Category 2: Collections

Composer: Juerg Hochweber

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Apollo

ISBN13: 9790203919438

UPC: 0501057580

Instrument: Guitar

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