Guitarra Electrica Vol 3 Spanish Only


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Recomendada por maestros en todo el pa’s, la serie en DVD de Mayas Music provee su reconocido material educativo en un formato divertido y f‡cil de usar para que cualquier persona pueda empezer a tocar en corto tiempo! Presenta acceso directo a ‡reas espec’ficas para que puedas aprender y repasar a tu propio paso... todo con s—lo tocar un bot—n y desde la comodidad de tu hogar!Este tercer curso ofrece un nivel m‡s alto de ense–anza para el mœsico intermedio y avanzado. Aprender‡s ritmos m‡s avazados incluyendo salsa, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha-ch‡, ranchera, country y jazz. Cubre acordes, arpegios y escalas pentat—nicas mayores, menores, rock y blues.Recommended by teachers everywhere, this series of DVDs from Mayas Music provides proven educational material in a fun and easy-to-use format, so that anyone may start to play in a short time. The menus provide direct access to specific areas so that you may learn and review at your own pace, by simply pushing a button in the comfort of your home!This third course offers a higher level of instruction for the intermediate and advanced musician. Learn more advanced rhythms including salsa, merengue, cumbia, cha cha cha, ranchera, country, and jazz. Covers chords, arpeggios, and major and minor pentatonic rock and blues scales. Spanish only. A PDF file for the free instructional booklet that accompanies this DVD is available for download at

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