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Gretsch 6128 Cadillac Green (early 1958)


Gretsch 6128 Cadillac Green (early 1958)

The Cadillac Green 6128 was introduced in 1957 as special mini-batch run of solid body guitars, sporting for the first time, a Cadillac Green finish which had previously been reserved for the electric archtop model 6196. Gold plating which was not available on any other Jet model was also included on these elusive guitars. Less than 75 examples are believed to have been made, these green and gold Jets are a holy grail guitar.

The example we have here has been dated by Gruhn Guitars; ‘…the presence of the “neo-classical” thumbprint fingerboard inlay and “Melita” style bridge is consistent with a manufacture date early in 1958.’

The gold hardware, bridge, pickguard and colour all conform to this mini-batch but the thumbprint inlays lead to the conclusion this is a custom ordered 6128 from early 1958. Making it rarer than the mini batch and the only Cadillac Green we’ve seen with these inlays. The Bigsby vibrato was not an option on these guitars until 63, and considering it is not gold it is most likely a later addition.

The guitar has seen plenty of play time with buckle rash on the back (dents not exposed timber), a weather checked finish and worn areas on the face. One bridge screw is missing and the old-school case which appears original to the guitar has seen some hard yards but is a nice inclusion. The guitar could use a new case if you were to transport it frequently.

One of a kind and great sounding, a guitar not to be overlooked. 

A few details about this guitar have come to light since first listing it, they are as follows:

This guitar was owned by Garry Beers from INXS before it was purchased by our collector in 2009, Paperwork to this effect is available. The paperwork was lost at the time of listing so we felt it prudent not to include this fact in the original listing. In that paperwork the guitar is incorrectly dubbed a 1957 6130 but the very grainy photo does show this guitar with these inlays. Our collector owns a handful of Beers guitars purchased in this same sale.

We received a visit into the store recently from the original owner of the guitar, the guy that sold it to Garry and were informed of a few modifications carried out on the guitar that we had not noticed. The headstock has a repaired crack (noticeable upon close inspection) and the neck has been shaved, both modifications are professionally done. We were also told that the neck pick has been rewound.

With these items brought to light we feel the guitar is still priced well, although finding out that the guitar has had a few mods is disconcerting, the knowledge that it was owned by Garry Gary Beers is a huge plus!