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Goin Home Low Voice Piano


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The Largo, with its haunting English horn solo, is the outpouring or Dvorak' s own home-longing, with something of the loneliness of far-off prairie horizons, the faint memory of the red man's bygone days, and a sense of the tragedy of the black man as it sings in his "spirituals.'' Deeper still, it is a moving expression of that nostalgia of the soul all human beings feel. That the lyric opening theme of the Largo should spontaneously suggest the words, "Goin' home, go in' home,'' is natural enough, and that the lines that follow the melodv should take the form of a negro spiritual, accords with the genesis of the symphony. Boston, July 21, 1922 William Arms Fischer.

Category: Vocal

Sub Category 1: Repertoire

Composer: Antonin Dvorak

Editor: Williams Arms Fischer

Publisher: Simrock

ISBN13: 9790221114099

Instrument: Vocal

Accompaniment: Piano