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Engl Metalmaster E319 40W Tube Guitar Amp Head


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Engl Metalmaster E319 40W Tube Guitar Amp Head, Expect nothing less than  perfectly designed  tube tones for  your style in a compact body! The Metalmaster 40W version will blow you away!

Front Panel:

controls for clean gain,

lead gain,bass,middle,treble, reverb, lead volume
Mid Scoop sound switch
Clean / Lead channel selector switch
Master Control
Power on LED and Power Tube Monitor
Standby Switch
Power Switch

Rear Panel:

Footswitch jack: Reverb off/on, FX loop off/on
Footswitch jack: Mid Shape (MidScoop)
Footswitch jack: Clean / Lead channel selection; Gain boost
FX loop send; FX loop return
Poweramp output, 8 Ohms parallel: 1×8 ohms or 2×16 ohms speaker
Poweramp output, 16 Ohms serial: 1×16 ohms or 2×8 ohms speaker