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Huiksi Music Company

Creative Band And Orchestra

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The first book of its kind in the world, The Creative Band & Orchestra provides conductors, directors and educators with over one hundred ideas,techniques, exercises and musical examples. Through this book, you will be able to: enliven ensemble interaction; introduce five approaches to improvisation; heighten listening skills; stimulate new brainstyles; develop innovative scores; incorporate rotational seating; implement motivational ideas; present playing healthy techniques; and more! If you're a music educator struggling to maintain your students' interest, this bookis right up your alley. Presenting alternatives to the mainstream appro aches to teaching music, Lieberman gives us a host of techniques, games and approaches that will horrify your stuffy music theory teacher. But get this: kids might actually enjoy them! - Jazz Times

Category: Reference

Sub Category 1: Music Teaching

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Huiksi Music Company

ISBN13: 9781879730335

UPC: 073999984217

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