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Artemis Editions

Crash Course On Jazz Guitar Voicings Book/Cd

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Which chords should I use if I want to play jazz? How does jazz harmony work? How can I sound like a real jazz guitarist? You'll find the answers to these questions and many more in this detailed introduction to jazzguitar voicings. By learning only a handful of simple shapes, you'll so on be playing classic jazz sequences and jamming along with the 50+ professional live backing tracks on the accompanying CD. Packed with hints and tips on how to get an authentic jazz sound, this pack includes: simple explanations of basic jazz harmony; jazz chord voicings that sound great; three complete tunes to learn and play along with; and more.

Category: Guitar & Folk

Sub Category 1: Methods

Genre: Jazz

Format: Guitar TAB

Medium: Softcover/CD

Publisher: Artemis Editions

ISBN13: 9780634073113

UPC: 073999527155

Instrument: Guitar

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