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Campbell B/Snouts Melody Line (Pack)


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In this interplanetary musical by Debbie Campbell, strange but gentle visitors from outer space (the Bumblesnouts) come to Earth to save our planet from self-destruction. The Earthlings are persuaded to change their ways and make the world a better place. This entertaining and lively musical for unison voices and piano aims to stimulate children to think about the world we inhabit and the importance of caring about our environment. Any number of children can take part in this show as Bumblesnouts, Punks, Hunters, Gangsters, Animals and Trees. This pack includes 10 copies of the melody line edition, along with whimsical illustrations by Richard Oke. Published in association with the World Wide Fund for Nature: performances of this work will benefit the WWF. You will require a license to perform this work at your school/youth theatre; please click here for more information and our application form.

Category: Guitar & Folk

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Novello

UPC: ZNOV070507-01