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Biberian Suite For Guitar Quartet(Arc)


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' This music grew out of necessity. A large number of guitarists with a wide range of technical ability were brought together as an ensemble to be trained in as musical a way as possible, By writing parts from the 4th to the 1st progressively more demanding, the idea of ensemble playing has proved not only successful musically but also technically accommodating; therefore this material should be ideally suited for class tuition . The absence of fingering is intentional; on closer acquaintance with the music, players should experiment with various fingerings. Dynamics noted in the score are only suggestions, which can be altered according to individual taste . The possibilities for interesting and exciting colours and sonorities are almost inexhaustible and should be one of the more appealing aspects of such music-making . If this music succeeds in bringing more guitarists out of isolation and under the same roof, as it has done in the experience of the composer, then it can be considered as a decisive step forward in the development of the Guitar as a 'musical' instrument '. - Gilbert E. Biberian

Category: Guitar & Folk

Sub Category 1: Repertoire

Medium: Softcover

Publisher: Novello

UPC: ZNOV120323

Instrument: Classical Guitar