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Benton Jason & Golden Fleece V/Sc(Arc)

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Lynne and Robin Benton. A well-known story of challenge and adventure, based on ancient Greek legend following Jason’s heroic journey in search of the Golden Fleece. This versatile musical play can be performed in a variety of ways and has ample scope for involving any number of children in the solo parts, chorus and acting roles. The action is always fast moving with short and simple dialogue linking the 13 songs. Written for five speaking and singing roles, four speaking roles, four non-speaking roles, unison voices (with divisions) and piano, or the songs can be linked by narrator if a concert performance is preferred. Bass and percussion parts on hire. 25 mins

Category: Vocal

Medium: Octavo

Publisher: Novello

ISBN13: 9780853604372

UPC: ZNOV200198