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Now offering free shipping for customer’s residing in N.S.W on all orders over $50!

Bass Drum & High Hat Technique Dvd

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Finally, a DVD that successfully deals with the essential elements of bass drum and hi-hat technique. It's a methodical, step-by-step approach that will have the viewer understanding the mechanics of the bass drum pedal and improving their playing immediately. Mike presents a process that will revolutionize how you play and how you feel sitting behind the drum set, said world-renowned drummer and educator Ralph Humphrey. I use this foot method every time I sit down behind the drum set. It has becomeessential to my ability to control all the elements of playing regardle ss of the musical style. This DVD is not just an educational product; itcontains three soulful and passionate performances by the Brian Pezzone Trio. A world-class pianist and composer, Brian improvises amazing melo dies and stunning lines throughout these performances. Bass player Tim Emmons adds rhythm with this artistic bass playing, and Mike Packer articulates each and every idea with grace and precision. Yet another featureof this outstanding DVD is a booklet that contains all of the exercises performed by Mike on the DVD, plus hundreds of additional exercises for the student to help perfect this method. All in all, this is an outstan ding educational product that will leave the music fan wanting more!

Category: CD & DVD

Sub Category 1: Instructional

Medium: DVD

Publisher: Hal Leonard

ISBN13: 9781423409151

UPC: 884088053604

Instrument: Drums