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Alva OK0100PRO Optical Cable - 1 meter

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Alva OK0100PRO Optical Cable - 1 meter, 1m Optical Cable

Professional Optical Cable!

A single Alva Optical cable lets you transmit up to 8 channels of pristine digital audio without any signal loss, electromagnetic disturbance, crosstalk, or hum whatsoever. Terminated in metal-shelled TOSlink connectors, Alva Optical cables are tough and reliable - just what your professional system needs!

Alva Optical Cable Features at a Glance:

  • 1m Optical cable perfect for S/PDIF and ADAT
  • Transmits up to 8 channels of digital audio
  • Approved for use with RME products
  • Ultra-thin outer diameter
  • Insensitive to electromagnetic disturbance
  • Can be run parallel to power cables without affecting transmission
  • No crosstalk or hum
Trust Alva for top-quality Optical cable!

Tech Specs

  • Connector 1: Toslink
  • Length: 3.3'
  • Connector 2: Toslink
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ALV-OK0100PRO