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AirTurn ATFS-2 Silent Pedal for AirTurn Page Turners


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AirTurnATFS-2 Silent Pedal for AirTurn Page Turners,AirTurn ATFS-2 Silent Pedal for BT-105 Bluetooth Wireless Page Turner.

Whisper-silent Page Turning for Bluetooth Devices

The AirTurn ATFS–2 Silent Pedal is a truly silent Bluetooth page-turning accessory for your iPad or supported device. This little pedal gives you the ability to turn your electronic pages even if you're playing the most difficult part of the song. The best part about the ATFS–2 is how quiet it is. We're not kidding when we say that this thing is silent! When piano experts got a hold of the ATFS–2, they raved about how they could turn pages while recording audio without worrying about unwanted mechanical clicks being heard.

The ATFS–2 features a durable reed switch construction that doesn't rely on mechanical parts, which greatly increases the product's lifespan. The ATFS-2 must be connected to the AirTurn BT-105 page turning transmitter in order to work with your devices.

AirTurn ATFS–2 Silent Pedal Features:

  • Works on Bluetooth-equipped Mac, PC, iPad, or Android devices (supported app required)
  • Easy pairing to tablet or computer
  • Durable reed switch technology eliminates mechanical noise and increases durability
  • Mechanism-free footswitch design for no clicks or squeaks
  • 1 male 3.5mm (1/8") output