1989 PRS Custom 24 Tortoise Shell – Birds

by PRS

Where did you see the product advertised?

1989 PRS Custom 24 Tortoise Shell – Birds


One of the rarest colours on a PRS guitar, this 10-top custom 24 with birds is finished in Tortoise Shell and has one of the most figured tops I have ever seen. I would hazard to guess that this guitar must have been ever so close to being part of the Signature series. PRS had no Private Stock program during these early years, the Signature series was made of the best maple tops PRS could find; I’ve seen many Signature guitars with tops nowhere near as figured as the top on this guitar.

It boasts a body date 6.6.89 inside the neck pickup cavity, indicating it was built in June of 1989 and it bears the 10 on the rear of the headstock indicating the grade of the maple top. Exhibits a few bumps and scratches but nothing serious, this is a sensational guitar.

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