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1987 PRS Custom 24 Vintage Yellow Birds

1987 PRS Custom 24 Vintage Yellow Birds


 Early PRS guitars are hot. The most desirable is the Custom 24 with bird inlays. Vintage Yellow is the colour of choice and those from ‘85 are the bomb, what makes them special is that less than 400 PRS guitars were made in 1985 so they’re rare, but also the build quality and the early pickups. These early T & B pickups were changed in 1987/88 to standard treble and standard bass units, making the earlier ones extremely sought after.

This 1987 Custom 24 is a pretty special guitar. It possesses everything that makes for a highly collectible PRS; bird inlays on a Brazilian board, 10 top with the tell-tale star under the neck pickup and the celebrated Vintage Yellow finish in near mint condition. Oh….and it was made early enough to receive the T & B stamped pickups.

So, it’s a CU24 in the right colour, with the right pickups, the right inlays and a killer top, well it doesn’t get much better than this. Original tremolo arm, case with keys, paperwork and warranty card from the original purchase are included. There is a surface scratch on the back that is hard to see but it’s there (close up photo).