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1985 PRS Electric Guitar Pearl White

1985 PRS Electric Guitar Pearl White


When Paul Reed Smith started making guitars, he set out to emulate the sound of a vintage all mahogany Les Paul Junior. Once he nailed it (actually surpassed it) he was on his way to making something special.

The early catalogue had two models, an all mahogany PRS guitar and a maple capped Custom. The Custom was the flagship BUT the all mahogany PRS guitar which later became the Standard has that sound. One of less than 400 guitars made in 1985, this PRS Guitar is now known as the Pre-Standard.

Early features which put these guitars into grail territory are the stamped T & B pickups, single volume control and five position rotary pickup selector. Unlike a Gibson and Fender switch, the toggle switch on PRS guitars, dubbed the sweet switch, is actually a tone filter. The neck, body shape, headstock angle, thumb lock tuners and cast Mil-Com tremolo all important additions that helped propel PRS to where they are today, sitting alongside companies that started 40 years earlier.

Pearl White is very much a signature colour of PRS’s early days, rumour having it that Paul took a Pearl White PRS Guitar on the road to help convince dealers to place orders for his new guitars. This guitar is a serious piece of history.

Condition is nothing short of amazing for a 30 plus year old guitar, a single chip on the back is the only visible flaw. The controls cover is signed by Paul for Eddie, Eddie can be whoever you want him to be, or maybe it’s you.

An important addition to your vintage guitar collection, or this can be the start of it.