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1965 Maton Flamingo

1965 Maton Flamingo
In production from 1963 to 1965 the Flamingo is a guitar with a unique body shape; standard Flamingo guitars had a dropped shoulder cutaway - a morphed Stratocaster-type body without the treble horn. A second version was made in the final year of production with the lower horn present, not as unique but much rarer than the standard.

While most Maton electrics have 22 frets, this model is a 20, but is by no means a short scale at 25.5 inches. At 32mm thick and a body width of 12” it has all the features of a big guitar in a little guitar package.

This guitar was offered in three colours: Flamingo red, deep purple and white, this black example, well yes! we have some splainin’ to do.

All Flamingos have two pickups, volume, tone, a three-way toggle and come standard with a tremolo. This guitar has all these features but they have been altered. This guitar sports a genuine Bigsby, mini humbuckers, changed tuners and knobs replaced but perfectly matching the guitar in its new satin black finish. The bridge and tremolo have been shifted slightly from their original location so the original screw holes are visible near the trem and bridge.

Non-originality aside, this is one rare Flamingo which plays great.