1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior Sunburst

by Gibson

Where did you see the product advertised?

1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior Sunburst, Here we have a 1956 Les Paul Junior, the bare bones edition of the flagship electric. The single pickup is actually the drawcard for this guitar, one that goes by mostly undetected.  The absence of a neck pickup means the strings vibrate unrestrained by a magnet at the neck position, giving the guitar it’s trademark sustain.

The Gibson Les Paul junior is an absolute workhorse, slab mahogany body, full 50s mahogany neck with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard and the magical P90, a single volume and tone control are mounted on a beautifully curved guard. Minimal body routes mean the junior carries more mahogany for its size, but the absence of a maple cap gives it less weight.

The Junior is often overlooked for its bigger brother, but in my opinion, plays and sounds just as fine.
The Juniors are sleeper guitars, every bit as vintage and every bit as collectible as any Les Paul guitar made in the 50s, but for the meantime their street value still reflects their utility value.

All original with original case and some scars that come from being a great sounding guitar, nothing structural, just a few bumps and scratches to show that it has been played. This is not a guitar to lock away, it needs to be enjoyed.

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