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1010music Bitbox mk2 Eurorack Performance Sampler with Touchscreen


1010music Bitbox mk2 Eurorack Performance Sampler with Touchscreen, 26HP Eurorack Sampler Module with Internal Memory, microSD Card Support, Touchscreen, CV Gate Input, MIDI Input, and Effects.

Next-Generation Sampling and Playback for Your Eurorack System

1010music has taken sampling for Eurorack systems to the next level with the Bitbox mk2 performance sampler.

Bitbox mk2 builds on the foundation of its renowned predecessor by doubling the unit’s processing power, delivering enhanced fidelity and expanded features for one of the most powerful Eurorack samplers available.

Like the original, Bitbox mk2 enables you to record samples directly into the module in stereo or mono, with the ability to sync recording start and end times to its clock input.

Additionally, you can load samples to the unit or stream them directly from a microSD card with 4GB of sample storage. Bitbox mk2 has up to 24 notes of polyphony and 12 recallable sample banks.

Samples are endlessly tweakable with numerous parameters, granular synthesis, and reverb and delay, all controllable via CV, MIDI, or from Bitbox mk2’s intuitive 3.5" touchscreen. Bitbox mk2’s toolset makes it a perfect companion in the studio or for live performance, capable of automatically looping recorded samples and manipulating them in real time. Eurorack aficionados were enthusiastic adopters of the original Bitbox, and with the mk2, you get all of the qualities that made that module so great with incredible upgrades for limitless soundscaping possibilities.

Load your favorite samples or record in real time

You can load samples into Bitbox mk2 in two ways: from a microSD card or by recording them directly into the module using Bitbox mk2’s stereo audio inputs.

To streamline sample recording, Bitbox mk2 offers a number of helpful recording modes. You can set the recording length, synchronize start and stop times to a clock, trigger the recordings from an audio level threshold, and automatically loop a sample immediately after it’s captured. These features open up immense live performance possibilities and inspire creative sampling excursions.

Multiple playback modes and tweakable parameters

Bitbox mk2’s powerful sampler has up to 24 note polyphony playback and plentiful tweakability. Fire off samples as one shots, toggle longer samples, or trigger samples via gate.

Morph, twist, and shape sounds with Bitbox mk2’s numerous parameters, including pitch, filter, envelope generator, granular synthesis, or automatically split and play sample sections in splicer mode. For adding extra depth and dimension to your samples, Bitbox mk2 sports an effects section with dreamy reverb and delay.

Amazing performance potential

With so many playback modes and parameters to toy with, you can turn just a few samples into a mesmerizing performance. Bitbox mk2 can be controlled by MIDI or CV or sequenced to a clock. Setting MIDI modulation is a breeze with Bitbox mk2’s Learn mode, which intelligently maps parameters to your control surface, so you don’t have to constantly reference CC numbers.

Even better, Bitbox mk2’s 3.5" touchscreen with 16 sample pads allows you to trigger any sample on the fly. No matter what your performance setup looks like, there’s a way to integrate the 1010music Bitbox mk2.

1010music Bitbox mk2 Eurorack Performance Sampler Features:

  • Stereo sampler module for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Double the processing power of the original Bitbox
  • Internal memory and microSD card support for sample storage
  • Can record samples up to four hours in length
  • Includes lush reverb and delay effects
  • Plays back up to 24 polyphonic notes from internal memory or eight samples from microSD card
  • Supports standard WAV files
  • Up to 32-bit resolution at any sample rate (48kHz preferred)
  • Stereo/mono recording; start and stop times can be synced to a clock input
  • Various launch modes include one-shot, toggle, gate, and repeat
  • Sample playback parameters include start position, length, pitch, gain, loop mode, and launch quantization
  • Eight CV modulation inputs for controlling sample parameters
  • Trigger samples from the large 3.5" touchscreen, via CV Gate input, or via MIDI input
  • Save and recall up to 12 different sample banks
  • Export your sets as Ableton Live projects (software not included)
  • TRS MIDI input is compatible with Arturia and other manufacturers
  • 26HP Eurorack module
  • Power usage: 350mA (+12V)/0mA (-12V)/0mA (5V)