World Percussion

Though we love our drum sets here at Industrie Music, concert and world percussion instruments are where you can really leave your mark on a piece of music. From crowd-pleasers like the Vibra Slap and slapstick to the more practical tambourine, cowbell, and shaker, Industrie Music is your first and last stop for all your percussion needs. Why? Not only is our selection of percussion instruments growing by the day, but our Sales Engineers are committed to giving you the lowest prices, fastest shipping, and best shopping experience around.

Even if you're not incorporating bossa nova beats or rumba rhythms into your compositions, you can still take your music to exciting new places by incorporating instruments such as guiros and shekeres into your arrangements. For example, instead of layering your drum set beats with 16th-note shaker, you could try using a cabasa or maracas; instead of cross-sticks, you could use claves. Many of our world percussion items mount to stands or rest securely on tables, making them perfect for percussionists from set players to hand percussionists.

An orchestra without percussion toys is like a canvas without color. If your group is eeking by with just the bare minimums - bass drum, snare, and cymbals - it could be time to branch out. This goes double for percussion ensembles. Castanets, wind chimes, timbales, and gongs are a sure way to add variety to your arrangements and create more memorable performances.

Exploring percussion together is a captivating classroom activity for students of all ages. For children, the 15-piece Nino Rhythm Percussion Set will open their eyes to percussion instruments of the world and bring out the natural music makers in them all. For adults, something such as the Remo Rhythm Lid - whose soft, controlled playing surface attaches easily to any 5-gallon bucket - makes a fun, therapeutic activity and an inexpensive indoor hobby.

Not sure what you're after? Let Industrie Music help you find the instrument you hear in your head. Our Sales Engineers have more than a millennium of combined experience in the music industry, and we love talking gear. We'll help you find the instrument you're looking for and make sure it's delivered in time for your next session. Give us a call.

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