Wireless Systems

When it comes to wireless, there are many things to consider. Analog or digital? UHF or VHF? Handheld or lavalier? And what does that MHz number mean? Going wireless can be daunting. And with all the complicated FCC guidelines, it can be downright intimidating. At Industrie Music, we have the experience and expertise to make the process painless and effortless. Our Sales Engineers receive ongoing training on everything we sell, and they're ready to find the wireless system that best suits your needs.

Are you a lead vocalist? If so, we'll find the perfect handheld wireless system for your situation. Singing dancers and drummers, dance and fitness instructors, and other active performers will appreciate the freedom gained from a headset wireless system. If you're a presenter, worship leader, or stage actor, a lavalier wireless system makes an excellent discreet solution. And if you play an instrument - Industrie Music carries a vast array of wireless systems tailor-made for brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, as well as electric guitar and bass.

How'd you like to improve your live shows? A wireless in-ear monitor system does just that. Traditional wedge monitors require you to stay in your "zone." In-ear monitors allow you to move around the stage. This leads to more band interaction and a tighter performance. In-ear monitors also reduce stage volume, resulting in better sound quality.

When shopping for wireless systems, it pays to consult a professional. The FCC carefully regulates which frequencies you can and can't use. If your wireless equipment operates at the wrong frequency, you not only risk unreliable performance, you could also be subject to fines and/or criminal penalties. A lot of resellers claim to be knowledgeable about these laws, but they're not. Our Sales Engineers, on the other hand, receive up-to-the-minute training on these guidelines. When you buy a wireless system from Industrie Music, you can be confident that it will operate reliably and legally. And if you have any installation woes, our award-winning tech support team is on hand to help you get up and running fast!

Besides complete systems, Industrie Music also offers individual wireless transmitters and receivers for custom-configuring a system. That being said, wading through the long list of specs on these devices is a formidable task. That's where we come in. Just tell us what you need, and we'll put together the right wireless components for your application and budget. Our on-site 100,000-square-foot warehouse is packed with a wide range of wireless accessories to complete your system. And you can buy with confidence, thanks to our FREE 2-year warranty and in-house factory-authorized service technicians.

When you're ready to cut the cord, give us a call. We'll be happy to outfit you, your band, or your house of worship with a state-of-the-art wireless system. And trust us - once you taste the freedom of wireless, you'll never want to plug in again.

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Perfect gift

These were a perfect gift for my dad.

Great product, software not user friendly

Daughter has been begging for a launchpad for months however, found all the software that had to be downloaded very unuser friendly.

Great book