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Ukulele Concert

The concert and tenor ukulele sizes were introduced in the 1920s to meet players' demands for bigger, fuller-sounding ukes.

Concert and tenor Ukulele are relatively close in size, tone, and playability, so for the sake of this article I'm lumping them together.

Concert & Tenor Vs. Soprano

Concert and tenor Ukulele's are noticeably different than a soprano when it comes to playability and tone.

Concerts and tenor ukuleles both have a longer ​scale than a soprano: 15" for the concert and 17" for the tenor. 

The longer scales creates more room between the frets. As a result, many people find concert and tenor ukes more comfortable to play than sopranos.

Concert and tenor ukuleles also tend to sound bigger and fuller than an equivalent soprano sized uke. In general, concert and tenor size ukes will have more bass, resonance, sustain, and volume.

Most players feel that the robust tone of a concert or tenor makes them a bit more versatile than sopranos.

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