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Tambourines are a staple of multiple genres of music. Used in music ranging from gospel to rock to jazz, these instruments are popular among bands and solo performers alike. At Industrie Music, we carry a substantial inventory of tambourines, in a variety of styles, sizes, and formats. Complement your music with the quintessential jangle of a tambourine!

Tambourines can be played in a variety of ways. Do you want to add a tambourine to your drum set? Grab one of our mountable tambourines and seamlessly integrate this beloved instrument to your kit. Many drummers love using tambourines in their sets because they are easy to play and provide an interesting add-on sound. And if you plan on playing the tambourine with your sticks, grab a tambourine with a rubber playing surface. These tambourines can take a lot of abuse, and are specially designed not to damage your sticks or be damaged by them.

Any of our classic racket-shaped tambourines are easy to hold and simple to use, making them a perfect choice for beginning players. These hand-held instruments are very user-friendly, even for children — yet they deliver a shimmering sound and the crisp attacks deployed by professionals. If you want real versatility and richness of sound, take a look at our tambourines with combined jingles. Many of these feature both steel and brass jingles for a more sophisticated sound. Why not make your music stand out with a combination tambourine?

Would you like to play your tambourine with your feet? Industrie Music carries a wide selection of foot tambourines. It is easy to add some percussion to your sound with these simple instruments. Whether you're a guitar player who loves busking or a drummer in a rock band, these foot tambourines make adding a jingle to your music simple and easy. Some of our tambourines can also be used for hi-hat sounds in kits with cajon kick drums. Some of our foot tambourines include an elastic band to ensure a snug fit, while others slide into your shoe behind your heel, shoehorn-style.

You want your tambourine to look as great as it sounds, right? Industrie Music offers tambourines with beautiful wooden or rattan frames that not only sound incredible, but deliver good looks, too. If you're looking for comfort, grab one of our tambourines with a padded grip. We also carry tour-tough, highly-durable and extremely portable tambourines made from steel and resin; these tambourines can handle the riggors of the road.

From full-sized tambourines to smaller ones, you can find just the right tambourine for yourself among our selection at Industrie Music. Whichever tambourine you decide on, know that you're adding a crowd-pleaser to your music. Audiences love the sound of a tambourine. If you have questions about the best tambourine for your playing style, give our Sales Engineers a call and we'll help you narrow down your options.